I have logged in to SeniorGrowth, what do I do next?

Once you've logged into SeniorGrowth using your email and password, you will be taken to your organization's Dashboard. If your organization is new to SeniorGrowth, there will be no Seniors in the database and the Dashboard should be empty and look like this:



If your organization has been using SeniorGrowth for a while, your Dashboard will look more like this (Navigating the Dashboard)

There are 2 things you need to do after logging in to SeniorGrowth for the first time: creating Care Professionals and Adding Seniors to the Application.

1. To create new Care Professionals, click on Care Professionals on the left menu and follow the instructions described here (Adding a Care Professional).



Based on your role (e.g., if you are an individual Caregiver or if you are not responsible for adding new Caregivers to the tool) you might not have the permissions to create new Care Professionals.

2. To Add new Seniors to SeniorGrowth, you should click on the Seniors menu item. There are 2 ways to add Seniors: manually (check it here: Creating a Senior profile) or in bulk (see how it is done here: Importing Seniors using CSV).

After you have created a Senior, you are ready to start using SeniorGrowth! Happy Caregiving!!

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