What is SeniorGrowth?

SeniorGrowth is a Customer Intelligence platform for Senior Care, a software platform to help Senior Care organizations like yours understand better the Seniors they serve. Whether you are a business, a non-profit organization, or a government agency, SeniorGrowth helps your team improve and track their Quality of Life and your Quality of Service.

SeniorGrowth provides the tools to collect, store, and analyze life-related data about Seniors along 6 categories (Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing, Family & Friends, eating & Nutrition, Home & Environment, and Activity & Purpose).




Data is collected using a simple-to-use questionnaire that your care coordinators or caregivers can use when they visit the Seniors' homes. Data is stored safely in our HIPAA-compliant databases.

Read more about our Questionnaire here: Conducting Senior Assessments.

Our research-based proprietary algorithms calculate Quality of Life of Seniors for each of the 6 categories based on the answers to the questionnaire, and estimate potential Risks that could challenge each individual Senior's Quality of Life.

Based on the situation of each Senior, in particular the risks he or she is facing, SeniorGrowth suggests specific Care Actions you can implement or recommend to the Senior's family.

Read more about our view on Quality of Life here (Our approach to Quality of Life), the key Risks we track in these articles (Senior Risks), and how we recommend actions here (Risks and Recommended Actions)

SeniorGrowth uses the data you store about each Senior to build data analytics reports to help you understand who your clients are. 



You can learn more about SeniorGrowth Data Analysis tools here (Senior Insights)

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