Is SeniorGrowth for office managers, care coordinators, or caregivers?

All of them! All employees of a Senior Care organization benefit from a better understanding of the Seniors they provide care to.

Managers (office managers, care managers, franchise owners) can use SeniorGrowth to build a view of the Seniors their team serves like they never had before. They can drill down into the situation, needs, and evolution of any Senior or look at all of them collectively.

Because they can track how their services impact Quality of Life, Managers can hold coordinators and caregivers accountable for the evolution of every Senior and improve Quality of Service.

They can use Senior Insights to explore service and training opportunities. 

Care coordinators can use the tool to gather knowledge about Seniors using Assessments, get a structured view of Senior needs, and use suggested actions and risks to foster dialog with Seniors and families alike.



Also, with SeniorGrowth, Care Coordinators can manage a large number of Seniors and have an individual and collective view of key needs, risks, and conditions. They can track individual and collective improvement of Quality of Life and Service.

Additionally, Care Coordinators can use SeniorGrowth to brief Caregivers ahead of their first visit so that their approach to care is aligned with Senior needs and family expectations. Using the tool, Care Coordinators can discuss the key Risks Seniors are facing, define mitigation actions, and prepare Caregivers in case they happen.

SeniorGrowth has been built with non-medical users in mind: your caregivers will be able of using the tool and even conducting assessments. Using SeniorGrowth, individual Caregivers will know ahead of a visit what are the priorities of Seniors in terms of care. Also, they can use Recommended Actions to discuss with families opportunities to improve Quality of Life of their loved ones. They can also use the tool to track the impact of their services on Seniors' Quality of Life.



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