How do I create a Senior profile into SeniorGrowth?

Before you can conduct any Senior Assessment, you need to create a profile for the Senior whose Quality of Life you want to evaluate. Don't worry, it takes 10 seconds.

To create a Senior profile into SeniorGrowth, click on the Seniors element on the lateral menu of the application to open the Seniors List (shown below as -1-).



Then click on the Add New Senior button (see above -2-) on the Seniors List to open the Senior Profile dialog to fill in Senior details (see below).



By default, Senior Status in Agency Information is set to "Client - Active" but you can change it before or after completing the creation of the Senior in the SeniorGrowth database (learn more about Client Status here, What does Client Status mean?). You can also set the primary carer for the Senior (learn more about this here, Who is the Primary Carer?).


You can also edit Service Information (see this article for more information, Editing Service Information) before moving ahead to conducting Senior Assessments.



Once you have filled in the details of the Senior, you can click on the "Create new Senior" button to start conducting assessments. Some of the fields in the profile, marked with a red star *, are mandatory: learn more in this article (What are the mandatory fields?).


Once you click on "Create new Senior", you will be taken to the Senior dashboard from where you can immediately start evaluating the Senior whose profile you have just created. Learn how to do that here (Conducting Senior Assessments)



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