What does Client Status mean in SeniorGrowth?

Client Status qualifies the situation Seniors are with regards to your Organization. It helps you track where Seniors are in your Service delivery process and understand what approach to follow to offer them the best service.



Currently, you can chose from 12 different statuses:

  • Target - Lead
  • Target - Opportunity
  • Target - Lost Lead
  • Target - Lost Opportunity
  • Client - To be activated
  • Client - Active
  • Client - Suspended
  • Lost - Deceased
  • Lost - Hospitalized
  • Lost - Institutionalized
  • Lost - To a competitor
  • Lost - Other, don't know

Early in the client acquisition process, a Service user is considered a Target, then eventually she becomes a Client. After the service is completed, the Client is considered Lost.



A Target is a Lead when they first contact your services, either by phone or by email, regardless of what they do or become after. They become Opportunities after you've had a real conversation about the services they need, typically after a first home assessment.

A Lead that doesn't translate into an opportunity is a Lost Lead; an Opportunity that doesn't become a Client is a Lost Opportunity


Clients are Active when you have started serving them. They remain "To be Activated" after they have agreed to your terms and services but your caregivers haven't started providing care to them. At any moment, you can Suspend the service to an Active Client (e.g., when they are temporarily admitted to a hospital or go on vacation with their families).


Clients leave your services for a number of reasons, for example because they go to a Hospital (they are Hospitalized), or to a Facility (They are Institutionalized in an Assisted Living, an Independent Living, or Skilled Nursing facility).

Clients can also leave you for a Competitor, or because they pass away (i.e., Lost - Deceased). Sometime you don't know why they left you (Lost - Other, don't know).


Senior Insights

When you track Client Status, you will be able to filter your Senior Insights analysis by the Client Status to get a better understanding on how (e.g., you will be able to understand in detail the profiles of the Seniors that leave your service for a competitor or that decide not to hire your services after the first Home Assessment).

Learn more about Senior Insights here, Senior Insights.

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