Adding and editing Service information

To add Service information to the profile of a Senior, edit his or her profile (see this article, Editing Senior Profile) and click on the Service Information tab. 

To find information on setting the Primary Carer read this article (Who is the Primary Carer?). For the Senior Status, read this article (What does Client Status mean?). 



Service Information

To indicate the number of weekly care hours your organization provides to the Senior, just select or type in a number next to "Hours per week".

For Overnight, Live In, or 24x7 care Seniors, check the box next to the option you believe represents the service arrangement with the Senior.



Service Types

Select one or more Service Types for a Senior to indicate the kind of service your organization is providing to the Senior. This will help later on when conducting analysis using Senior Insights (check it out here, Analyzing your Seniors)

Administrators can add new Service types (check this article, Adding new Services).



As for Service Types, setting the Campaigns for a Senior can help you conduct analysis to improve your Quality of Service, your Operational efficiency, or your Marketing effectiveness by understanding in detail the Seniors based on where they come from.

Administrators can add new Campaign types (check this article, Adding new Campaigns).


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