What happens if I don't answer one question?

You can leave questions unanswered by navigating out of the Question by clicking the button "Next" underneath the options, but you need to come back to the Question at some point and answer it if you want a Quality of Life report to be generated.



You need to answer all questions in the Evaluation to get a Quality of Life report for a Senior. Our algorithm needs all answers so that evaluations, analysis, and comparisons among Seniors are coherent and make sense.

Risks and recommended actions are calculated based on your answers to questions on different categories. Also, in many cases answers to questions in one category can affect the Quality of Life estimate in another category.

When you skip a question, and you reach the Progress Report screen at the end of the category, you'll see that the category is marked (incomplete).



You can go on with the Assessment but once you reach the end of it, you won't be able to see the results right away: you will have to come back to the Questions you haven't answered and complete them before moving on (notice in the screenshot below that the button underneath the categories says "Continue..." instead of "View Results"). 

When you click on Continue, at the end of the assessment, you will be taken back to the first Question you have skipped.

If you decide to leave the assessment with unanswered questions, don't worry, your answers won't be lost: you will be able to resume the assessment in the future.


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