How is Quality of Life measured in SeniorGrowth?

Quality of Life is measured on a scale of Zero ("0") to One Hundred ("100") for each of the 6 categories (Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing, Family & Friends, eating & Nutrition, Home & Environment, and Activity & Purpose).

These values are based on the answers to the Evaluations conducted for Seniors. They are a numerical representation of an abstract concept, Quality of Life, and are therefore conceptual. They can not be "Exact": the goal of representing Quality of Life is three-fold:

  1. Being able to track relative improvement or deterioration in Quality of Life over time for a Senior
  2. Identifying issues and their relative importance for a Senior (to drive action in terms of care services and support)
  3. Comparing situations among Seniors and within Senior populations (to drive positive actions to improve areas of care).

Check this article about our vision for Quality of Life (What is Quality of Life?). 

In the SeniorGrowth algorithm (see article, How is Quality of Life calculated?), every answer to a question is given a value (compared to other answers in the question), and every question within a category has a weight (compared to other questions). Our geriatricians have built and tested those values and weights to estimate as good as possible the Quality of Life value for each category.



Additionally, and based on the Quality of Life value for each category, a General Quality of Life value is calculated for the Senior, based on the values for the categories.



To simplify discussions within the team, 4 levels of Quality of Life have been defined:

  • Good: Quality of Life is 80 or higher
  • Medium: Quality of Life is between 60 and 80
  • Low: Quality of Life is between 40 and 60
  • Very Low: Quality of Life is below 40

Colors are assigned to values based on that classification. Learn more about Colors in this article (What do colors mean in our Assessments?)

To learn more about Quality of Life, visit this section (Our approach to Quality of Life). 

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