What are Recommended Actions?

Care Professionals can use the Recommended Actions generated by SeniorGrowth to advice Family members and Seniors on actions they can take to improve Quality of Life and reduce Risks. The actions can be delivered by the senior herself, the family, or the Senior Care organization.

Care Professionals, in particular Care Coordinators, can use the Recommended Actions as opportunities to improve service to Seniors by helping their teams focus on key Risk-mitigation activities, and by providing arguments to convince families to increase Service usage.

Use Recommended Actions as a personalized checklist of key actions you might want to take to improve Quality of Life and reduce Risks. 



The Recommended actions are calculated by SeniorGrowth based on answers to the Quality of Life questionnaire. SeniorGrowth estimates the main Risks Seniors face and recommend actions that can help mitigate them. (Learn more about how Risks are calculated here, How are Senior Risks Calculated?)

Disclaimer: Recommended actions are provided as a guide for Care Coordinators for informational purposes only: they are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice (Read our Disclaimer).


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