Can I trust Recommended Actions?

Although our Geriatricians work very hard to make the SeniorGrowth Algorithm as precise as possible, and as adapted as possible to Senior specific realities, Recommended Actions are only estimates, based on the Quality of Life Questionnaire. It's not about how precise they are, but about how you can use them to improve your Service.

Check this article about our evaluations (How good are Quality of Life estimates?).

Answers to the questionnaire determine likelihood and importance of every Risk a Senior can face. Senior Risks are ranked by likelihood and importance to help Care Professional focus on the most critical Risks (read this article to know more, How are Senior Risks estimated?). Recommendations are based on the unique circumstances of each Senior and the Risks he or she is facing.

The Risk ranking algorithm is approximate and can yield results that might not correspond exactly with Seniors' realities: use your own judgement to make recommendations to Seniors and families. 

There is no substitute for good, people-facing Care Coordination: our goal is to help Care Coordinators and other Care Professionals by offering them targeted recommendations they can use to improve their effectiveness and Quality of Service. 

Learn about how are Risks calculated in this article, How are Risks Calculated?). 

Disclaimer: Recommended actions are provided as a guide for Care Coordinators for informational purposes only: they are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice (Read our Disclaimer).

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