Quality of Life Insights

The Quality of Life Insights tool helps you understand the key elements challenging your Seniors' Quality of Life and easily identify areas for improvement. 



The Overall QoL graph shows the spread of QoL values for all your Active clients. It shows for every range of Quality of Life values (0-10, 10-20, etc.) how many Seniors are in the range. It provides you with an idea of where Seniors are in terms of overall QoL. 


The graph also tells you how many Seniors is the analysis being conducted for and the average QoL for all of them.

The graph underneath the Overall QoL shows the same analysis detailed by QoL Category, so that you can dig deeper into understanding what is affecting Seniors' Quality of Life.



You can use the Filter to select a subset of Seniors to conduct the analysis (for instance, you can select only Seniors with Alzheimers).




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