Starting up with the SeniorGrowth Apps on a Smartphone

To use SeniorGrowth from a mobile device we recommend to use our custom-build FREE applications that you can download from the Google play and Apple App stores. You can click on the images below to download them. 


Get it on Google Play 


Once you install the application on your mobile device, and you click on it, you will be asked to log in to the application (You will only be asked to log in once) using your email and password (This is the same email and password you use for the web application).



As for the web application (Navigating the Dashboard), when you open the mobile app you will be looking at the dashboard, from where you can access the different modules of the application (by clicking on the top left corner) and get a summary of the current situation of the Seniors you serve.



For the moment, the SeniorGrowth applications can not work without a working internet connection. If you conduct a Quality of Life assessment at the Senior's home, you will need to have a data plan or a working wifi network to be able of using the application.

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