How is Senior Data protected?

We have worked almost to paranoid levels to make sure your Senior Data is safe and protected!

All the information that you provide about your seniors (personal details, responses to questionaries, assessment results, etc.) as well as all the information about your Senior Care organization is fully cyphered using a personalized encryption key that SeniorGrowth generates only for you.   

All the servers that store your information are access-protected behind VPN networks and firewalls. Connections to these servers is highly controlled and restricted to our application. Other Senior Care organizations and SeniorGrowth employees will never have access to your data.

Your data is also protected against accidental loss. SeniorGrowth performs backups of all your encrypted data to enable disaster recovery. Backup files are useless to anyone except yourself, as encryption make virtually impossible to anyone but you (owner of the encryption key) to decypher the information. 

Our data protection policies include the right to be forgotten: you are the owner of the information, and SeniorGrowth will fully destroy any data that you have provided if you demand to do so.

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