What are the key components of SeniorGrowth?

SeniorGrowth is built upon 6 main blocks: Senior Management, Care Professionals, Questionnaires, Risks and Actions, Senior Insights, and Administration.

The Senior Management block helps create and manage Senior Information. Users can create Seniors, edit their profile, service details, and contact details.

The Care Professionals module, allows managers to create and edit Care Coordinators, Care Managers profiles. Managers can give Professionals access to all of the Seniors of an organization or only the Seniors they are responsible for (this is useful if you want Caregivers to conduct assessments).

The Questionnaires or Assessments module manages the creation, tracking, and analysis of Quality of Life Evaluations. Questionnaires are linked to Seniors: users can access Questionnaires from within Seniors' profiles.



The Risks and Actions algorithm calculates Risks and recommends Actions based on the answers to the latest Quality of Life evaluation completed for a Senior.

The Senior Insights module reads, processes, and presents Senior data from Quality of Life evaluations and profiles to produce tools you can use to better understand the Seniors you serve.

The Administration module helps manage SeniorGrowth configuration details for each Senior Care organization.


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