Navigating the SeniorInsights

Once you log into SeniorGrowth, you can access the SeniorInsights at the top of the page. The SeniorInsights is an overview of your care service and a summary of all the seniors you serve. For an organization that has been running for a while, it looks like this:



Based on your permissions and your role, the Dashboard will show ALL of the Seniors in an organization (if you are an Administrator) or only the specific subset of seniors for whom you are the Primary Carer (see this article about Primary Carer, or this one about Administrator Roles).



The top panel provides you with some numbers that help measure your usage of SeniorGrowth:

  • All Seniors: all Senior profiles created into the database, regardless of their status (note: if you are not an administrator, this will only show the number of Seniors for whom you are the Primary Carer)
  • Active Seniors: the subset of All Seniors that are active. See this article to understand exactly what that means (What is an active client?)
  • Evaluations completed: how many evaluations have been completed for the Seniors in the database (note: if you are not an administrator, this will only show the number of evaluations for the Seniors for whom you are the Primary Carer)
  • Care Professionals: the total number of active care professionals in the organization.



The Average Quality of Life element shows the average estimated overall Quality of Life for all Seniors for whom at least one evaluation has been completed and the evolution of Average Quality of Life over time (the time scale of the graph changes: from 1 week at first, to 2 weeks, and then 1 month).

To know more about how SeniorGrowth evaluates Quality of Life (or QoL), visit this section on Quality of Life Evaluations.

Below the average overall Quality of Life, the dashboard shows the average Category Quality of Life: the average indicator for each Category, for all Seniors in the database for whom at least one evaluation has been completed.



Understanding the average QoL indicator by category can help you focus your team attention, your services, or your training efforts. It can also help you compare individual Seniors with the average of  your service users.

The Diagnosed Conditions element shows a snapshot of the key conditions Seniors are suffering from (as per your team's answers to the Senior Assessment Questionnaires). 



The Upcoming Evaluations table shows an ordered list of Seniors whose next evaluations are closer in time. By default, the system sets the default evaluation interval to 1 month.

You can click on any name on the list to access Seniors dashboards, review their past evaluations, and launch a new one (learn how to launch an evaluation, in this article: Conducting Senior Assessments)


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