Giving access to SeniorGrowth to your team

Before you start adding users to your SeniorGrowth account, it can be useful to think about who will use the tool and for what.

The Account Owner (who is also a Care Professional) will have access to all Senior and Care Professional Profiles. He or she can access all data and can edit all elements in Senior Growth. 

Given the sensitive nature of the data stored in SeniorGrowth, only registered users can log into the platform. If you are the Account Owner for an organization, you will need to provide access to the platform to all Care Professionals you want to allow access to Senior data (See the article, Adding Care Professionals to SeniorGrowth).

Very often, Account Owners are Office Managers or Directors. When not,Account Owners need to give Administration rights (see article, Administrators vs. Regular Care Professionals) to Office Managers.

Typically, Care Coordinators will use the tool on the field, at senior homes, to evaluate needs of Seniors and rollout services. They will be the "Power Users" of SeniorGrowth. They generally need Administration rights (see article, Administrators vs. Regular Care Professionals) to access all Senior profiles, but also to create Care Profesionals and assign Care Professionals to Seniors (see article Primary Carer). 

Caregivers can benefit greatly from access to SeniorGrowth on the field to understand the key risks and needs of each Senior they serve (generally based on evaluations conducted by Care Coordinators). They will also be able to read or update the Senior's profile or contact information, add notes for Care Coordinators or Managers, and conduct evaluations when needed.


Before users can log into SeniorGrowth, the Account Owner needs to create an account for them (See the article, Adding Care Professionals to SeniorGrowth).

Your office team will probably access SeniorGrowth at the office using the web application through a browser (see article, How do I log in to SeniorGrowth).

Your field team, especially Care Coordinators and Caregivers will need access to Senior Profiles and Senior Evaluations on the move using SeniorGrowth's mobile applications in Android or iOS (see article, Mobile Applications).

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