What are the mandatory fields when creating a Senior?

When creating a Senior, some fields are mandatory and are marked with a red star *. You need to provide a value for them in the Senior creation dialog to be able to save her profile in SeniorGrowth.

They are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth (default: Jan 1st, 1905 - you can change it)
  • Gender (default: Female - you can change it)
  • Country (default: United States of America - you can change it)
  • Status (default: Client - Active - you can change it)

These fields identify univocally every senior for a given organization.



Since SeniorGrowth sets to default values for Date of Birth, Gender, Country, and Client Status, the only 2 values you absolutely need to complete before creating an assessment are First Name and Last Name (Don't forget to come back later to fill in the Senior Profile, here Editing Senior Profile)


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