Administrators vs. Regular Care Professionals

Regular Care Professionals have access to a limited number of functionalities: they can not see nor create Care Professionals (they can not access the Care Professionals menu), can not access the Admin menu, and can only edit or conduct Assessments for the Seniors they are Primary Carers for (see article about this here, Primary Carers).

This is how the application looks like for a regular Care Professional who doesn't have Administration privileges (notice the menu Items "Admin", and "Care Professionals" are NOT active):



Administrators have access to all functionalities of the application, including creating and edit Care Professionals. They can access the profiles and evaluations of all Seniors in the organization, regardless of who their Primary Carer is. 

This is how the application looks like for an Administrator (notice the menu Items "Admin", and "Care Professionals" are active):



Administrators are also considered Care Professionals and therefore can create and edit Seniors and conduct Evaluations.

If you want a Care Professional to be an Administrator (e.g., for Office Managers or Care Coordinators), do check the "Make User an Administrator" checkbox (below).

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