Importing many Seniors at once using CSV or Excel

If you want to start using SeniorGrowth and you have a significant number of Seniors in your database, adding them to SeniorGrowth can be tedious if you have to do it one by one. Our Excel importer can help you import Senior information into SeniorGrowth faster than manually.

To import Seniors into SeniorGrowth, access the Senior list from the main menu, by clicking on the "Seniors" item and then click on the "Import" button on the right hand corner.



Then read the instructions on the page and download the Excel or CSV (Comma separated Values) template by clicking on the link "Download Excel template file" or "Download CSV template file"). Save and open the template.

The top row of the Template contains the names of the columns. You might need to enlarge the columns to read properly their names. DO NOT REMOVE THAT TOP ROW when adding your data (You can safely remove the Example Senior data in the Second Row).

Each row below the first should contain the profile details of each Senior you want to import into SeniorGrowth. Duplicates will not be imported.
Some of the columns in each row are mandatory (Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Gender, Country, and Hours per Week), the rest are compulsory.

Once you have completed and saved the template with your own data, drag it to the import page (or use the "Choose File" button instead) to upload your file. 



If there is an error with the import, the importer will let you know what happened.




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