Reading the Quality of Life report

There are 3 components in the Quality of Life report: Summary, Category details, and Risks and Recommended Actions.


1. Summary

The Summary presents the overall Quality of Life, the category Services should focus on to improve Quality of Life and reduce Risks, and an estimate of the level of dependency for the Senior.

Lear more about the Summary in this article (Summary of Quality of Life report). Learn more about what Quality of Life means to SeniorGrowth here (Our approach to Quality of Life). 



2. Category Detail

The report shows our estimate for Quality of Life contribution for each of the category that contribute to a person life wellbeing. You can learn more about each category here (Our approach to Quality of Life) and about what the colors mean here (What do colors mean in Quality of Life evaluations?).




As you see from the Categories below, the Summary report correctly highlights the need for services in four categories: Mental Wellbeing, Family & Friends, Activity & Purpose, and Home & Environment.


3. Risks and Recommended Actions

Based on the answers to the Assessment, SeniorGrowth identifies potential Risks and recommends actions to mitigate them. The report shows actions your team could put in place or recommend to Seniors and their families.



To understand how Risks are identified and prioritized, read this section (Senior Risks). To learn more about how to use the actions for, read this section (Recommended Actions).

Disclaimer: Recommended Actions are just that, general recommendations based on the tool's analysis. They are not meant to be executed without the validation of Care Managers, Family Members, and Medical Professionals. 

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