How can I identify needs based on a Quality of Life report?

The Senior Quality of Life report is an estimate of what the situation of a Senior is: it can helps highlight and prioritize areas where the wellbeing of the Senior is compromised. 

Categories with Low (Red) or Very Low (Black) Quality of Life values generally require intense and urgent care. Even Medium (Orange) often indicate important needs. Use the report as a dialog tool with Seniors and/ or families.

Very often, families and Seniors themselves understandably focus very much on Physical Wellbeing and ADLs and the role of Care Organizations remains limited to Personal Care and help with ADLs.

As we know, often the source of Physical difficulties is somewhere else (e.g., Nutrition, Activities, Social Interactions). By using SeniorGrowth you will be able to refocus the attention of families and Seniors towards areas that very often either are at the source of physical issues or can help improve their wellbeing.




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