Summary in Quality of Life report: key categories and dependency level

The goal of the Summary in the report is to give you and your teams a fast digest of a senior's situation. There are 3 elements in the Summary: (1) The General Quality of Life estimate of the Senior, (2) an estimate of Dependency for the Senior, (3) a list of Categories that require care.



1. General Quality of Life

General Quality of Life is calculated from the different categories Quality of Life, using a proprietary algorithm (get an introduction for the algorithm here: How is General Quality of Life calculated?).

The higher the number, the better for a Senior. What matters to you as a Care Provider is that the number goes up, meaning that you contributed to improving his or her Quality of Life. Read in this article (Why SeniorGrowth?) why we believe every Senior deserves a better Quality of Life.

At SeniorGrowth we use 4 levels of Quality of Life: Good (QoL>80), Medium (60<QoL<80), Low (40<QoL<60), Very Low (QoL<40).

See what the colors mean here (What do colors mean in Quality of Life evaluations?) (hint: Black and Red are bad!).


2. Dependency

The dependency level is calculated based on the Answers to a specific set of Questions in the Assessment (ADLs and iADLs).

  • Walking
  • Bathing and cleaning
  • Transferring
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Incontinence 
  • Eating
  • Taking medicines
  • Administrative tasks
  • Transport and travelling
  • Cooking

There are 4 levels of dependency in SeniorGrowth:

  1. No dependency
  2. Low dependency
  3. Medium dependency
  4. High dependency


3. Categories that require care

The summary shows a selection of the categories requiring care. 

  • Good: Quality of Life is 80 or higher - Are not shown
  • Medium: Quality of Life is between 60 and 80 - "Some Care Actions"
  • Low: Quality of Life is between 40 and 60 - "Intense Care"
  • Very Low: Quality of Life is below 40 - "Very intense Care"

The selection focuses on the categories requiring the most intense care and is not exhaustive.


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