Improving Quality of Life: Quality of Life History

The Quality of Life History allows your team to track the evolution of Quality of Life values for Senior for each category. You access Quality of Life from the Senior Dashboard, by clicking (or tapping on Mobile) on the "QOL History" button.



QoL History is a fantastic way to track how your services contribute to improving Quality of Life of a Senior and prove your impact in terms of Quality of Service: tracking the outcomes of your team's actions is fundamental to ensure your service deliver the results you promised the Seniors and their families.

If you evaluate Seniors regularly, you will be able to see how his/ her Quality of Life evolves: sometimes positively because your actions improve his/ her wellbeing, sometimes negatively when his/ her health situation deteriorates. Being able of tracking and explaining changes in Quality of Life will improve your Quality of Service and your relationship with families and Seniors.



What if Quality of Life decreases?

A decrease in Quality of Life could very well mean that the service you provide is having a negative impact on the Senior (e.g., a change in caregiver or a different service approach).

But very often, it's the Senior conditions and environment that will lead to a decrease. Quality of Life will decrease for Seniors at the end of their lives. Understanding what is happening to them will help you provide a better service.


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