Why is it important to track Quality of Life over time?

We believe that, although Seniors are the end of their lives, they can aspire to achieve the best Quality of Life they possibly can and we, asCare Providers, have the responsibility to support them in improving their QoL.

By tracking Quality of Life category by category over time, Care Providers will be able to (1) Identify areas where their attention is needed, (2) Track Quality of Service over time, and (3) Prove the positive impact of their service on Seniors' lives.

SeniorGrowth helps you measure Quality of Life overtime for the Seniors you serve (Read this article: Improving Quality of Life - Quality of Life History).



Measuring outcomes

By tracking how your service impacts the senior’s Quality of Life, you can understand how your actions have an impact on the way the person lives, eats, sleeps, and interacts with people and her environment. Has the person nutrition improved since I started serving her? Does the person sleep better? Does she meet her friends more often? Is her house a safer environment?

Running a real quality-driven Service means understanding from the get-go what the situation of the senior is, agreeing with her family what the objectives in terms of outcome are, and what actions you are going to execute to get to those outcomes. It takes your agency to a higher level of accountability, responsibility, and quality.

Your mission, as a care provider, should be to improve or protect the Quality of Life of the people you serve. Measuring outcomes helps you track how close you are to fulfil your mission.



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