BETA - How do I log in?

You should have received an email from our team regarding your acceptance into the Beta Program. In that email, there was a link to your account creating page. The link looks like this (don't click on it now, it won't work) and it is unique: only you will be able to use it to create an account (it is linked to the email you used to request your access to the Beta program).

Once you click on the link, you are taken to the account creation page where you should fill in your details to create an account in SeniorGrowth. Don't worry about the details: you will be able to change your name and email later.


Once you fill in the details and click on "Signup for Beta Access", you will be taken to SeniorGrowth and will be able to use the tool fully. 



Once you have logged in, you can start creating seniors and conducting assessments (read this article, I have logged in, what do I do next?.

Remember to download the FREE SeniorGrowth apps to conduct assessments and access senior information on the field (read about it here).

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