How good are SeniorGrowth Quality of Life estimates?

We have built our Assessments based on validated scientifically proven research about the elements impacting Quality of Life, but sometimes our estimates are not 100% exact. We unapologetically admit that SeniorGrowth is not perfect: we believe in improving our tool with your feedback. Modelling a person in flesh and bones with numbers is, by construction, impossible. 

SeniorGrowth has a practical vision: if the tool helps you and your team understand the Seniors you serve better, and provide a better quality of service we have achieved our main goal. Most assessment errors are small and don't affect the validity of the overall assessment. Focus on what the tool tells you in terms of areas requiring care, and potential risks.

We have conducted tests on hundreds of real Seniors to validate our estimates and reduce the errors as much as possible. We continuously use the tool with real Seniors and regularly find people for which our QoL estimates are wrong in one or two categories or for which our Recommended Actions make little sense. We use the information collected from those cases to improve our Algorithm.

If you find issues with our assessments for the Seniors you serve, please let us know. We need your feedback to make the tool better.


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